Nine women met October 17, 2020 for the general meeting of Bethany's WNALC group. We gathered to give our Thank offerings and to listen to Rev. Trina Peterson's virtual message given to the annual convention last summer. We appreciate Pastor David's opening prayer and message and Dean for setting up and projecting the keynote speaker.
   We also conducted the business of our women, including the following:
      Minutes from our meeting in Feb were read, the treasury report was given, reports on projects and recommendations for donations were presented.
      The virus has affected most things we usually do, so in light of that, the reports were quite different than previous years. At the beginning of our meeting, the treasury had $1092.07. We are not going to have our Election Day soup and pie supper and we have had one funeral. Our thank offering boxes totally over $400, which were blessed by Pastor David after his opening prayer. The recommendation for our money was then discussed. We recommend giving $100 to the WNALC, $200 to Ministerial Association, $250 to the missions of the WNALC (which are The Great Commission Society and The Disaster Fund, divided equally), $100 to the Midwest Children's Home, leaving a cushion of $650 in the account (to be decided closer to the end of the year).
    Jan Hersom reported on the Prayer Squares and thanked Eloise for her fine crochet work to make these. She encouraged each of us to take one as a gift for someone who needs special care.
   Jan also reported on the infant caps and recommended we include them in the library's gift bags. Myra will be able to make them. The cards on both the squares and caps will say God Loves you and so do the members at Bethany Lutheran Church. We thank Dean for making these.
    Our next meeting will be in March. We will continue with our Thank Offering boxes.
   When the Prayer Chain is needed, it will be started by Jean Swanson. She will update the contact list.
   Our senior for this year is Elizabeth Runneberg and we have a quilt for her made by Dorothy Sandvig in the parament closet.
   Funeral dinners are now organized by Elaine Anderson. We appreciate the many, many years Shirley Kruse served as chairwomen and extend our sincere appreciation to her dedication. We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer these dinners to the grieving families so they may gather for fellowship.
    It was mentioned the 4+1 group will be using the church once per month on a Sunday afternoon. It was also mentioned the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts are not and we need to have them arrange to take their belongings out of our second-floor rooms. Linda will contact these leaders.
   We opened and closed our meeting with songs led by Marilyn and welcome and dismissal by Linda.
   If anyone has Thank offerings for our women's group that was not at the meeting, we will still accept their gift of money. Please give it to Jan Hersom, Shirley Kruse or Linda Bieri